Thursday, May 7, 2015

Class Work

Class Work

First Blog Post
Blogs are an easy way to access information or stories. Most blog postings are short and to the point, which is good for people who want info or stories now. In today's society, where most people have very busy lives and are always on the go, blogs can a good source of information. I think blogs can be useful if they are used correctly. Meaning, the information the blogs uses is valid, grammatically correct, and have good sentence and writing structure. Like all writers, bloggers can develop a personality. They achieve this by the way they write and the tone they use. You can figure out what the bloggers interests or expertise are. I believe most bloggers are people who like to write and and are good with computers and also social media. The only way to get your blog known is by getting peoples' attention through social media or big time websites that also have the same interests as themselves.

Coherence Between Writing and Designing
Coherence between writing and designing can make the your communication very easy to understand. When you are trying a stress a point of view or defend any argument of some sort, using pictures or a unique design can make that point of view or idea easier to understand. In today's society where almost every thing is going towards multimedia, having pictures or a distinct design and image will catch readers' attention.

Harry Potter Poster Analysis
I think the Harry Potter poster sends a clear and concise message. It’s describing a one last battle better Harry Potter and Voldemort. Also, the statement at the bottom “It All Ends”, gives the impression that one of them is going to die or be banished or whatever happens in the Harry Potter movies and the series will finally end. The setting of the poster gives the impression that the last duel between these two is going to be very intense. Both of the characters look very dirty and it takes place during a dark gloomy night. The fire at the bottom of the poster adds to the suspense of this battle. I believe that the wand in the middle of the post symbolizes that both of the characters are using magic to try to defeat one another.

Difference Between Work, Career, and Vocation
Work is defined as the job that helps you pay your bills and your daily living expenses. In other words, it is what you do for living. Like how I used to work at a breakfast place.

Career is a defined as a lifelong span of jobs that all fit within a certain type of profession. That would be like an accomplished and well-respected college professor. He has a established a career as a teacher.

Vocation is a calling or what you truly should be doing. It's like a banker who gets paid a lot of money but hates it. He likes being a grade school teacher, but doesn't like the pay teachers get. He is not following his vocation, or something he really enjoys.

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