Thursday, May 7, 2015

Essay Reflections

Photo Essay
I thought the photo essay was a fairly easy and fun assignment. I never wrote a photo essay before and I liked being introduced to a new form of writing, or in other words, a different form of  communication. When I first started working on the photo essay, I found it kind of hard to find a topic that fit the assignment’s requirements. After a couple hours of brainstorming, I came up with the Field Museum idea. I like going to the Field Museum and I also felt that I should try to promote the museum to people who normally won’t go to the museum. In regards to the purpose statement and design plan, I had to make changes throughout the composition of the essay ranging from the format of the slides, how I was going to write my narrative, and what exhibits I actually was going to show in my photo essay. I also liked how Dr. Wielgos made rough drafts and different parts of the essay due at different dates leading up the due date of the entire assignment. I feel like that helped me truly develop my paper and keep me on task. In the end though, I achieved what I wanted to do I think I did well on my photo essay project. 

Rhetorical Analysis Essay
I felt like that this essay was a new way of looking at things. I have never written a paper before that also incorporated images that you had to analyze for it's deeper meaning. In regards to following my design plan, I felt like I did everything I set out to do. I believe I followed all the criteria for the assignment and remained within the rules and MLA format. I feel like this assignment could have been a little easier if everything wasn’t so focused on the terms ethos, logos, and pathos. But, I realize those terms are the core of the College Writing curriculum and need to be addressed within the assignments and essays. Other then that, I enjoyed the assignment for the most part.

Argument Synthesis
I felt like this project was kind of hard to write this paper. I thought the topic was really sophisticated was the sources were hard to comprehend at times. I know this an important issue that will eventually affect everyone in the world, but I felt like that topic is a little excessive for College Writing II. In regards to writing the paper itself, I thought it was a good way using sources to clarify or to back up an argument. I liked the use of quotes and direct statements from sources to support a paper's thesis. When comes to accomplishing my goal for this paper, I felt like I followed all the MLA protocol and supported my main ideas well. 

Researched Argument Synthesis
I felt that this project was a great way to defend an argument using data and research. I really liked being able to pick a topic of my choice. I really did not not like anything. I thought it was great assignment to end the semester.

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